[ChasinAlts]Top-Wicked Good S/R Lines

Hello Tradeurs, as per usual, I hope everyone is having a FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC day. With the soon incoming bull market approaching fast(Nov 7, 2022), there are a few ideas that I've really been trying to push out to help nail a few coins as they are near their bottom peak of this closing Bear Market. This one may seem very similar to the last one I posted but I think this one takes the cake...esp when you see the next script from my 'Market Overview' series that I will be publishing shortly after this one as it is utilizing this new script for a market scanner that will be SUPER legit and profitable. Though it is alway nice to be noticed, I'm glad that I'm relatively unpopular so the few people that are now following me can have some time to make some money with some of these scripts I'm trying to pump out for the benefit of the community. I will rarely give my full analysis of how I take in and utilize these scripts but I can tell you, QUITE A FEW of them are money in the bank. Esp these last few I've done/am doing and even more-so the ones that are soon to come (I'm speaking of about the next 3-4 that I will be attempting to pump out in this next VERY IMPORTANT week.). One more thing I'll add before going to the script is a little alpha(Im pretty certain this is the way it is going but NOTHING is EVERY 100% in life). What I believe should be realized is the bottoming out of MANY of the crypto coins at the VERY bottom of a LONG TERM Cup and Handle (so it seems but shat can still change in the blink of an eye). Thus there are quite a few coins that I believe have already bottomed and wont be returning to said bottom for a few years or so but there are also quite a few still at the brink of the bottomest part before the real market breakout occurs. My goal with these scripts coming out this week to help you all find those coins that have yet to hit their very bottom (thus the ATH/ATL script recently published). Going back in history looking for the lowest points of long term Cup & Handles I will point out 2 key things. Near the center/bottomest part of these historical CnH you will see either Double Bottoms OR a Huge dump and then its V-shaped recovery. After these print the point of no return has occurred where only a few coins will be going lower than these Double Bottoms/V-Shaped recoveries. So the time is at hand. Now that many coins are seemingly pumping after this long consolidation, I believe we need to keep a keen eye out for THE FINAL RUG PULL (as soon as enough degenerates are leveraging Long their entire savings.). What Im saying is be ready for this final rug pull to finally be seeing these Double Bottoms/V-Shaped recoveries VERY soon. DO NOT waste all your capital yet and MAKE SURE to use stop losses or else rather than stop losses you will be burdened with MUCH WORSE losses. Im currently not even in the market bc I am waiting on said rug pull. Ok for the Script now.
This script is similar to the last one but with the previous one, one general set of settings can produce VASTLY different results (might have 2 S/R lines on one coin and 80 on another). I wanted to fix that with this script, turn it into a "Market Overview" Scanner and create alerts for the MO Scanner to be able to get alerted any time a coin is passing its largest wick S/R levels bc DULY NOTE...it is VERY rare that a coin will blow past it if it hasn't approached it recently. That means that a small retrace of 3-5%(or more) is EASY to acquire (with leverage that can really add up with how many coins are in the Kucoin Margin Coin list that I have in my scanners). Now, once price does shoot through a level you best be sure to be looking down the line for a retest of the S/R level it blew past before as they are MANY times the retest level and price will be coming back to it before continuing
in the direction it was going. Depending on the TF your using this could be a few hours to a few days to a few weeks...you get it. With this script you can choose to draw S/R lines 2 ways: 1) by having it plot S/R lines on the end of the largest 2(3,4,5..however many you choose) wicks that the chart has access to. For the scanner ill just be putting the largest 2-3 wicks and set alerts when coming up to them/crossing them & 2) having it draw S/R lines on the ends of the largest X% of wicks. it will be erasing the lines and drawing new ones on each new candle occurrence so the same general settings will no longer be producing VASTLY diff amounts of S/R lines and will be way more consistent amongst the coins for better utilization with the scanner (when I publish it). There is also a Wick Max Cutoff % so for those coins that had it's first few hours printing 100% sized wicks...you can choose to ignore them so they are not taking up one of your top spots for the S/R lines. There is similarly a Wick % min Size that can be selected so if you’re using the top % setting, it will help decrease those coins that can be still plotting 30 lines even though the top 3% of the largest wicks are set in the settings. Hope Im being clear but it's easy enough. I believe in you and your capabilities of comprehending it all and getting it all figured out. So this script is for a visualization for the scanner that I will be uploading soon-after. It's always nice to get a few comments if my ideas/scripts have been helpful to you and please don't hold back if you have something to tell me that I screwed up on (I am still rather new to this coding thing but I like to think I at least have some fresh ideas that aren’t out there in the public library). Talk to you soon and may the force be with your trades. Peace and love people...peace and love. -ChasinAlts out.

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