Kijun-Price Distance

This script shows optional:

- distance between close price and Kijun-Sen

- distance btween Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen

- Background color of current time frame

- Background color of the next higher time frame
Versionshinweise: minor improvements
Versionshinweise: MTF Price-Kijun distance histogram for 4H, D, W and M added
Versionshinweise: Screenshot issue.
Versionshinweise: Screenshot issue.
Versionshinweise: Some code improvements.
Versionshinweise: Bug removed on Tenkan - Kijun distance plot
Versionshinweise: Kijun-dist X tenkan-kijun-dist signal added.
Versionshinweise: Kijun-dist X Tenkan-dist signal added.
Versionshinweise: Screenshot issue.
Versionshinweise: Tooltips added and minor changes.
Versionshinweise: Code updated.
Versionshinweise: Script converted to Pine v5.
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