Adaptive SMA


I am working on this adaptive SMA . It has its pros and cons. It is a work in progress and I welcome any one that wants to add or change it. If you add or make positive changes please let me know. It is based off of daily range. Currently it is set to the open three days prior to the current open.
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study("Adaptive SMA",overlay=true)
length = input(title="SMA Length",defval=200)
f=input(title="range factor",defval=16)
rs=input(title="range smoother",defval=100)
sum = 0
for i = 0 to (l-1)
    sum := sum + close[i]
adpsma = sum/l

plot(sma(adpsma,3), color=red,transp=0,linewidth=3)

//adj = if f*aa<=len
//    f*aa
//    for i = 0 to 60   
//        adj = if f*aa[i]<len  
//            f*aa[1] 
//            break
//        else     
//            continue