Barholle eMA and RSI Movement Test

This is a test that offers insight into whether and asset is heading into bullish or bearish territory.

This indicator/test offers insight into the Exponential Moving Average's velocity and acceleration as well as the Stochastic RSI's velocity, acceleration and jerk. Included is a 'Stochastic Difference' and 'Stochastic Growth' indicators (commented out) that measure the difference between K and D in the Stoch RSI as well as the rate of it's change. This test is all about crossovers - the best leading indicator is a downward cross of the eMA velocity over the eMA acceleration, indicating a drop in price in the current or next bar.

The lines or importance have been set to -2 and 5, but these should be adjusted to suit your preferences. These numbers were chosen in order to try and create some kind of threshold after which action might be suggested. Backtesting is highly recommended so you can see how the test does and does not work. It is super powerful, but it is not omniscient - its an RSI and eMA derivative, past success does not necessarily dictate future success.

Please look at the code for several more plots you can use of derivatives and other ideas explore but commented out for greater legibility of the graph. Commenting and commenting (or uncommenting all and just disabling some in the settings) and comparing the graphs and crossovers is a useful exercise. To that end, one last concept - the MARSI - a combined moving averages and RSI measurement - was abandoned because it didn't appear to indicate anything of use, however you may find crossovers or patterns with it comparing it to other graphs, so it was left in but commented.

Please take a look at the comments and all the math and indicators 'left on the cutting room floor' in the script. Maybe you'll find a gem in the redux version of this script.

Outreach regarding the script, patterns noticed and full-on stealing of the script are all permitted. Many elements of this script were nabbed from other scripts - thank you to a community of coders who put it all out there.
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