Adaptive Double EMA Stoch

Inspired from the Works of Double Smoothed Stochastic by Walter Bressert,
I present to you!
Adaptive Double EMA StochWhich Performs adaptively to the volumetric trends,

So the Green and Red Area Regions which you over the Stoch Indicator is the direction in which you should trade, These Areas are formed by a volumetric adaptive stoch , of adaptive period determined by the crosses of VWMA 55 and VWMA 200

The blue line is a stationary fixed length Double EMA Stoch of length 14,

How to Trade

1. Get the Status of the Trend : green area, for Bullish and red for Bearish from adaptive stoch
2. Check for the First Overbought (of stationary Stoch / blue line above 80) in Bearish Trend to go short
and similarly first Oversold (blue line below 20) in Bullish Trend to go long!

Open-source Skript

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