Dynamic SUPRES

Dynamic SUPRES can be interpreted in different ways. Each square marks an area of congestion that could serve as support and resistance .
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study(title="Dynamic SUPRES",shorttitle="DySR", overlay=true)

multiplier = input(title="M", type=float, defval=1.21, minval=0.5, maxval=1.9)
anomalia = security(tickerid,period, abs(open-close) > multiplier*sma(tr,5)) ? 1 : 0
atr = sma(tr,5)
dot = (anomalia == 1 and close<open)?open+atr:(anomalia == 1 and close>open)?open-atr:na
plotshape(dot,style=shape.square, color=black, location=location.absolute, transp=0)