Ceres Trader Position and Risk Management Tool

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NOTE: It won't properly scale until you enter an entry point that is located on the chart. It's a feature not a bug. After that, you will see the entry, s/l, and target price lines properly displayed on the chart.

The "Ceres Trader Position and Risk Management Tool" is a comprehensive indicator designed for TradingView, meticulously crafted for traders who prioritize effective risk management and clear position visualization. This tool seamlessly integrates with your trading strategy, providing crucial information about your trades directly on your chart.

Key Features:

Position Type Visualization: Displays long or short positions with distinct color-coded lines and boxes for easy recognition.

Entry, Stop Loss, and Target Levels: Visual markers for entry price, stop loss, and target price, enabling you to track your trade setup at a glance.

Risk Assessment: Calculates and displays the amount at risk based on the stop loss distance and the percentage of risk capital.

Profit Potential: Shows the potential profit in dollar terms if the target is reached, helping you understand the reward prospects of your trade.

Reward to Risk Ratio: Indicates the ratio of potential reward to risk, an essential metric for evaluating the efficiency of your trade setup.

Current P&L Tracking: Continuously updates the open profit and loss based on the current market price, giving you real-time insight into your trade's performance.

Customizable Risk and Reward Boxes: Allows personalization of the risk and reward zones with color options, enhancing chart clarity and visual appeal.

How to Use:
Setting Up Your Trade:
Input your trade details including position type (long or short), entry price, risk capital, risk percentage, reward-risk ratio, and stop loss distance.

Visualize Your Trade:
The tool will automatically plot the entry, stop loss, and target prices on the chart.
Risk and reward areas will be highlighted with customizable color boxes.

Monitor Your Risk and Reward:
View the amount risked and potential profit in dollar terms directly on the chart.
Keep track of the reward to risk ratio to assess trade efficiency.

Stay Informed of Real-time Performance:
The current P&L of your open position will be updated in real-time, helping you make informed decisions.

This tool is ideal for traders who follow disciplined risk management practices and want to keep essential trade information easily accessible. With the "Ceres Trader Position and Risk Management Tool," you are equipped to make strategic trading decisions backed by clear visual cues and critical data.
Fixed profit indicator for short positons.
Extended the risk and reward boxes.

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