S&P 500 Sector Strength Index

Hi traders , this is lonelygrass again 😄, and I am going to show what you don't often see out there and share it with you.

This indicator is called "s&p 500 sector strength index"😎 , which allows you to distinguish strengths and weaknesses between different sectors in s&p500 , and to create meaningful trading frameworks around it.

Similar to the RSI indicator , it also has overbought and oversold levels , you can clearly figure out the degree of crowd behaviors in various sectors' stocks .

For me 🤣, I will use it to "BUY LOW⬇️ , SELL HIGH⬆️". When a sector is oversold at the moment, I will try to buy those stocks when I find price actions and chart patterns in comply with the analysis by this indicator , the opposite for shortselling.

Also, for sake of being more user-friendly 👍, I added a function which enables you to only select the sector(s) you want to look at in order to make it less messy.

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