Impulse BF 🚀

Thanks to rasantos for the idea for this strategy.

The 2 lines are based on the sum number of impulses for x bars back. So total "up impulses" is the sum of the bars where price closed higher, and vice versa for "down impulses". The strategy is simple - a long signal is generated when the total up impulses exceeds the total down impulses. A short signal is generated when total down impulses exceeds total up impulses.

I included a rate of change function to filter out some of the sideways action, denoted by a white background.

I included the option of a stop loss since it may be useful for some settings but the default is 100% which will not be triggered. If we get stopped out and we still have the conditions for our position on candle close, we re-enter.

  • Bright Green = go long
  • Bright Red = go short
  • Green = we have conditions for a long
  • Red = we have conditions for a short
  • White = no trade

NB: the length parameters are set to 18 by default. The higher this number, the more long term this strategy becomes. So for a macro trader, a setting of 84 would provide a small number of trades per year.
Open-source Skript

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