Ehler's Reflex Indicator ( + MTF & Adaptive )

Implementation of Ehler's Reflex Indicator from TASC Feb 2020.

Optional MTF and fixed/adaptive length based on one of Ehler's cycle measurements.

Optional settings for his recommended 2 bar averaging, can apply the averaging to either/and source ie (close + close) / 2, the output of the smoothing filter portion of the calculation or the final indicator output.

Green/Red : Reflex/Cycle
Aqua/Purple : Trend
Open-source Skript

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Hi, what could be the conditions for the strategy?
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@dpanday, at its' core it is just another momentum indicator. The two components are more or less the same thing, think of it in terms of the difference between and ema and a volume weighted ema. VWEMA will turn more quickly when volume picks up. In this case the slope coefficient causes the Reflex component to be more sensitive to momentum changes and act as a leading indicator, but it's more susceptible to false signals ie dead cat might trigger a turn. A triple screen momentum strategy will probably work with reflex used as early warning and trendflex as confirmation.
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Legendary !
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Does this repaint?
great work, thanks for sharing this