Trading Bot Buy Signal 02 - MTF Stochastic

Welcome to our second Tradingview buy signal indicator.

We develop signals which have been specially developed for crypto trading bots. We publish new indicators at regular intervals.

This indicator is based on our "Trading Bot Buy Signal 02 Strategy - MTF Stochastic" strategy, so that you can apply and test this strategy to your charts/pairs.

The basic idea of this script is to use the stochastic indicator in multiple Timeframes. When all selected timeframes show an oversold it triggers a solid buy signal. This strategy is relatively robust against false breakouts, even if these can of course never be avoided. These signals occur relatively rare, but you can set an alarm up on different pairs simultaneously. The strategy works best in 5 min chart and in crypto pairs. It wasnt tested in Forex etc. but feel free to test it.

We recommend to base your sell strategy on trailing stop-loss and not indicator based. A traling stop-loss arming at 1% and trailing stop-loss percentage at 0.3% works well. Our goal was it to reduce the average coin holding time to a minimum. We recommend this procedure cause we believe in the power of long term uptrending crypto, compounding and dont want to sell at a loss in a false breakout. But you can handel it like you prefere.

This indicator using different timeframes so it is sending a repainting warning. Cause it calculates values in a different timeframe. But thats normal and it wont recalculate results.

Feel free to adjust the parameters to your preferences:
- Adjust the values of Stoch - K and Stoch - D to change the sensitivity of the indicator
- Turn on different timeframes or leave default timeframes
- Adjust the threshold value of the stoch indicator to change results

We sell this indicator so it is invite only. But of cause you can test it before buying. Also you can freely test the strategy before. Simply check out our profil and look for "Trading Bot Buy Signal 02 Strategy - MTF Stochastic".

If there are questions, write them into the comments or contact us directly over the direct message. Happy Trading!
Versionshinweise: Update: Adjustments in Code to low the repainting issue, and to prevent false breakouts, more user options added

Contact info:
WhatsApp: +49 152-54569914
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