15m Candle Tool

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Shows historical 15min candles for the 1m, 3m , and 5m time frames.
Counts down the time until the current 5m, 15m, and 1H candles close.
Recommended use on the 1m, 3m , and 5m TimeFrames!!!

Vertical Lines (Left to Right)
-15m Candle wick (solid line) *
-Close of current 5m candle (red dotted)
-Close of current 15m candle (blue dashed)
- Close of current 1H candle (green solid)

Horizontal Lines (Top to Bottom)
- Previous 15m high (top of wick) *
- Subdivisions of the low to high of the previous 15m candle (.25, .50, .75) (WHITE LINES, .50 is extended)
- inter candle average of the highs within the previous 15m candle (solid green)
- average of the inter candle highs and lows (grey dashed)
- inter candle average of the lows within the previous 15m candle (solid red)
- Previous 15m low (bottom of wick) *

Previous Candle Body *

* = Changes color based on the bar color.

updated to pinescript v5
Made the code more efficient for smoother operations.
Removed high average line and low average line
re-styled the 25/50/75% markers
Still only compatible with 1/3/5min charts
added the wicks on the 15min bars :)
bug fix
You can now choose which countdown lines to view!
Major Visual & Customization Update
-Changed the timeframe detection to be more robust
-Candle wicks now are solid colors for easier visibility
-Candle bodies no longer have a line going through them
-Retrace levels can now be manually adjusted according to your preference
-Vertical lines to display the end of 5/15/60 min candles can now be turned on/off (default: off)
-Most lines can now have their pattern adjusted!
-Added Countdown display table with the time until next bar!
-fixed error: lvl toggle did not turn on or off respective level lines...buttons were not mapped to anything.
-also cleaned up some other minor stuff, nothing noticeable.
Lined up the UI to look a little nicer
Added a "Market Closed" Message in the countdowns for when the current ticker you're looking at is closed.
Updated the # of candles for display,
Previously Max candles to display was 50, now it is 240

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