Flat Combo Detector

Flat Combo Detector (FCD)

The Flat Combo Detector is a unique tool crafted to aid traders in identifying potential trend reversals. Unlike standard indicators that primarily focus on moving averages or oscillators, the FCD bases its signals on specific candlestick patterns that manifest at crucial trend pivot points.

I use it mostly on XAUUSD Gold

How It Works:
The logic of the Flat Combo Detector revolves around the formation of consecutive bearish and bullish candles with particular attributes:

Bearish to Bullish Transition:

Primary Candle: A bearish candle where the close is lower than the open and its close is equal to its low.
Following Candle: A bullish candle where the close is higher than the open, and the open approximates its low (within a user-defined tolerance).
Signal: A green triangle plotted below the price bar, indicating a potential shift from a bearish to bullish trend.

Bullish to Bearish Transition:

Primary Candle: A bullish candle where the close is higher than the open and equals its high.
Following Candle: A bearish candle where the close is lower than the open, and the open approximates its high (within a user-defined tolerance).
Signal: A red triangle plotted above the price bar, indicating a potential transition from a bullish to bearish trend.

Usage Guidance:
For traders unfamiliar with Pine Script, using this indicator is straightforward. Once added to the chart, look for the green and red triangle signals. A green triangle below a price bar suggests a possible bullish reversal, while a red triangle above a price bar hints at a potential bearish reversal. Always consider these signals in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and the broader market context to optimize decision-making.

Associated Strategy:
I've also developed a trading strategy that utilizes these specific entry points identified by the FCD. If you find the signals from this indicator helpful, you might also be interested in exploring the strategy for a comprehensive trading approach. Always remember to backtest and validate any strategy before live trading.

Chart Presentation:
The published chart associated with this script has been kept clean to ensure clarity. Users will only observe the main price bars/candles along with the green and red triangle signals generated by the FCD.

The Flat Combo Detector provides traders with a fresh perspective on trend reversal points. Its focus on specific candlestick patterns makes it a valuable tool, especially when used in combination with other technical indicators. Always ensure to practice prudent risk management and consult multiple analysis methods before making trading decisions.
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