ScalpingSystem 2.0 @Mishu

Complete scalping strategy with all related indicators.

1) Wait for an up/down-trend (10 EMA (Orange) crosses ABOVE/Below 20 EMA (Blue))
2) Wait for price to breakout then retest the EMA's (either one(based on the trend type))
3) Wait for bullish / bearish confirmation candle after the retest
4) Enter after the confirmation candle
5) Set a stop loss underneath the previous swing low (previous Zigzag point)
6) Take profit one the EMA's cross the other direction (10 EMA crosses BELOW/ABOVE 20 EMA )

Standart Strategy

with the second trend (higher TF)

zigzag included (@author=lucemanb)

if you have a number of signals you can filter the first signal

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