Screener: Alpha & Beta

This is a Live Screener for my previous Alpha & Beta indicator, which filters stocks lively based on the given values.
Use 5min timeframe for Live Intraday.
The default stocks in the screener is selected based on high beta value from F&O listed stocks. It may include other stocks also.
User can input stocks of your choice either through the menu or through the Pine editor.
The maximum number of stocks inputs is only 40 . The indicator includes only 20 stocks by default.
More number of stocks can be added but it makes the screener slower to load.
Open the indicator in a sperate tab or window to avoided the loading lag.
It is recommended to choose only 10 to 20 stocks based on the weightage from each sectors.
Beta values are dynamic. It changes from day to day based on the trend and sector.
Update the sock list weekly or twice a week or monthly.
Use screener(preferably) or TradingView screener for shortlisting beta stocks.
Remember that majority of indicators fails in a sideways market, also every indicator is not 100% accurate.
Versionshinweise: Removed Long or Short titles. It might be misleading in volatile markets.
Versionshinweise: Updated position.
Open-source Skript

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