Super Trend Daily 2.0 Alerts BF

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This is an alerts script for my Super Trend 2.0 indicator. It is intended as a companion script so you can backtest using the Strategy script and generate alerts using this Study script.

This Study script has the same default settings as the Strategy script and its only purpose is to provide alerts for the long and short signals the Strategy generates. Obviously, if you want to generate alerts based on a Strategy backtest, please ensure the settings are the same in the Study as in the Strategy.

For illustration, I have plotted arrows on the chart for long and short signals, and also colored the background to show when the rate of change function determines a choppy/sideways market.

There are 2 alerts set up:
  • Long Entry
  • Short Entry

  • Green arrow = Long Entry
  • Red arrow = Short Entry
  • White background = No short trades
  • Aqua background = No long trades

1. Open a Bitcoin/USD chart on 1D timeframe.
2. Open this script and the Super Trend 2.0 indicator script.
3. Backtest with the Strategy Backtester and change the settings if you like until you get a desirable outcome for your own purposes.
4. Once you are happy with the backtest, change the settings in the Alerts script (this one) so they match the Strategy settings.
5. Set up the alerts according to your preferences.
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Thanks for the alert script. I don't know if this is a bug, but I noticed something with alerts triggering after a stop loss. If a long signal is generated, and it gets stopped out, and the next signal generated is another long signal, no alert is triggered. The same thing when a short position gets stopped out, and another short gets signalled afterwards, there is no alert fired for that short signal.
hello,Why am I setting an alarm and it is already alarmed, but I do n’t see it when I see the chart
Awesome. Thank you bennef
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