Assassin's Grid

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  • Introduction: Are you a fan of automated grid-based trading and holding onto your crypto assets like they're the last Snickers bar in the world? If so, this Pine script could be your new best friend!

  • Grid Trading Genius: The script uses some seriously advanced grid trading techniques to automatically place orders at different price levels, creating a mesh of positions that move with the market like a well-oiled machine. This strategy can be great for traders who are willing to sit back and let their positions grow like a fine wine over time.

  • Optimization Features: The script comes loaded with all sorts of features and tools to help traders optimize their grid positions, like position exits and custom alerts for creating limit and market orders. This helps keep traders in the loop and allows them to take action as needed, like a ninja in the night.

  • Unique Twists: One of the unique features of this script is the option to choose between normal or incremental entry steps in a 1,2,3,... ratio. By choosing incremental entries, traders can potentially improve their average price and increase their potential profits like a boss. Just keep in mind that this script doesn't have a stop loss feature, but it does include the option to sell without profit on the final entry or on all entries if desired. Additionally, the script is always open to improvement and any ideas for improving it are welcome, like a blank canvas.

  • Conclusion: If you love automated trading and have the patience and determination to stick to a solid strategy, this Pine script could be a great fit for you. It's suitable for traders who are comfortable with more complex trading approaches and are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and master the script's various features and techniques, like a Jedi Knight
Floating fixed
Significant upgrade to our trading strategy script that transforms it into an even more powerful tool for both crypto enthusiasts and traditional traders.
Fixed a small bug that stopped buying when the script had sold everything in downtrend
Fixed some minor errors in the script that did not allow the first entry to be made correctly.
Important update! We've fixed the balance calculation in the script. It's now accurate and reliable. While all scripts are valuable, this one, in particular, is my "Mona Lisa".
Updated functions to prevent repainting
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