Buy this pullback in XRP. Looking to enter @ 0.0000700

1390 10
Interledger is revolutionary. It is my view that XRP will be the backbone of the blockchain world. ETH, BTC , LTC transactions can settle in 4 seconds ACROSS any chain, in ANY currency. Transactions can be settled in XRP on almost the same scale as VISA in 4 seconds!? It will be the cryptocurrency of choice for liquidity providers in these markets.

It could go to zero, or be an absolute grand slam, but the tech is impressive and it has a VERY valuable USE. Imagine FOREX transactions settling in 4 seconds, instead of 2-3 days. It reduces FX risk DRAMATICALLY. That's worth BIG $$$.

Definitely would like to hear back from other Crypo-folks. Always interested in an opposing view.
Kommentar: Getting very close to entry target. Time to start accumulating xrp. Very excited about this investment. Best of luck!
You're chart seems pretty much spot on... Any adjustments?
I totally agree but do you think it will pull back that low? It's been pretty steady at this price for a while now.
@onefry, Markets are irrational at times and the chart looks somewhat bearish in the short term, so I would wait to add. I think it could go as low as 0.00006161ish. Until the technicals change, it's bearish and traders just wanna make some cash or churn out a few more coins.

As with all investments, hold your core position, sell spikes, and buy dips with the rest...and the beat goes on.
camelot0212 kg3333333
@kg3333333, XRP seems has a lot support from margin long traders. I bought at 10K, and hope it can go higher but right now can't tell which will turn out. I set stop loss at 8700.
kg3333333 camelot0212
@camelot0212, I believe it will go higher at some point, but I don't think the cryptos are a trade. These things are establishing themselves as a legitimate asset class. Buy and hold. When it dips buy more. Crypto is here to stay.
camelot0212 kg3333333
@kg3333333, yeah, seems 9K is very good support level. I bought a lot at 88 last night.
i'm also looking to enter near 700 Satoshi
kg3333333 fineregex
@fineregex, it could run a smidge lower, but I think that'll be a pretty safe place to start being aggressive. Best of luck to you in your trading/investing!
kg3333333 fineregex
@fineregex, and here we are!
fineregex kg3333333
@kg3333333, hi:) i felt (only) that would have been enough for a daytrade back then, to echo probably. Im not sure now where it can go in near future. When all crypto started running down. (next to some "big" news being thin/self publised by ripplelabs and stuff just like the computer network/all full nodes run by ripplelabs yet still even though it could change.)
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