Great Short opportunity!! Market needs to cool down!

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Hi all ..

short open - 1470

target - 1100

Support - 1000

Resistance - 1500

stop - 1575
Trade ist aktiv: Closed the first short, was online as it started to move up, closed at break even.

Short again from 1795.

profits 25% steps

1500 - 1350 - 1200 - 1100

have a trailing stop below 1500 which should allow for profits to be locked if it bounces.
Kommentar: still short but the profit on the first trade was too much to resist, i closed at 1420 with a very good ROI..

the bounce was to be expected with short squeeze & fresh money waiting to buy spot.

i have shorted the top expecting a dump which is happening, shorted 1570 when it ran out of upward momentum.

will be expecting a lower low on this leg dow... target still 1100-1200 on target time frames.
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: stop hit on the second short..

broke even combined on both trades
hahahaha ye this is the same mistake i did shorting the bubble
shorting since .1785, market has too cool down. very possible
Greenhill LukaDuke
nice entry your in great shape
what are you poloBox trolls doing here looooooooll...

new accounts all with 0 rep ... dont waste time here ...
zlecenia Greenhill
u have BIG rep. See XMR now, and ur chart. One big mistake...
Greenhill zlecenia
lol got 120% profit on short.. was 1000 contracts short closed at 1420.. no idea where the mistake was in that trade.

all markets need to cool down before the uptrend continues.. thanks for your comments..

ps its dumping again & i shorted the top again.. will take profits at 1400 again..
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I hope u can get in and not get burned by the short.
It's not happening nice try. You should study more

looks highly probable
The first time I see so silly plotting. Where points, etc.? I was just drew, and it's OK?
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