GOLD / ? / Follow Up

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / US-Dollar
Follow up to this chart!

I like what happened!
Like I said I read chart breakouts like signs for future! A Breakout above/below a certain level doesn't mean it has to reach it right away!
To be honest, I counted on the fact that It will do some nasty things with 1276 and nothing will be as good as I would want it to be, but no, this time Gold made the touch and bounced!
Which is surprising to me!
If Gold goes up, of course, there are Gate levels everywhere and have to be monitored on the intraday basis to see is Gold leaving something behind to write it down in the target book.

But if Gold behaves like that with all gate levels it means it want's to be a bull.
The same with the bear, if the trend is bearish it always does quick test backs, almost every time there is the first move up after opening, and it does not mess with gate levels, to be a true bear.
Vice versa with the Bull.

That being said - if we can have the first move down, I would be interested to add to long positions at 1287. xx and 1282 if Gold get's there.
If there is a bullish trend , it will not break Swing Lows ( daily ) today swing low is 1282, in most cases, it will do the first move down after opening to sub pivots , and it will break swing Highs upwards - 1293 for example. That being said if we break 1299 dynamic level, we can have a close above 1300 again!

Intraday looks pretty bullish until proven otherwise.

I made the draft 3 months ago and slowly worked on it.
Sorry for the Video lag, processors can't handle this setup very well. GPU usage goes up to wazoo.
Have a Good one.
P.S this is a pure house.
Kommentar: P.S if the first move is up to 1293 that can end up with Gold Sell setup! Bulls watch carefully. Bull needs move down to 87 before 93. If 93 broken up even with the first move, then it is all ok, I guess.
Kommentar: Buy at 1287 was stopped out at 1286 ( 1$ break )
Buy at 1282 is active with SL 1275 and 1277 buy is active still but with BE.
Not an easy trade.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: 1282 closed at BE on this up move. Only 77 left with BE.
Dont like this behavior.
Good fell to it going to break and go down further?
Good lesson on gold trend! Thank you.
good work sir
Awesome work as always. We're always grateful for this!
please teach us more grand master... your analysis is top notch... love it...!
your analyzis is v.good... where did you learn it from may I ask TheZabisyu?
TheZabisyu jetidunajer
@jetidunajer, Pure Gambling at its best.
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