GOLD / Mui

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / US-Dollar
Some more posts till Feb 27th.

What is good here:

Nice " Closing 15/m6 " Binomial wave ( with previous uncompleted as a bonus ).

No " Closing 1/m113 " wave.

XO 90 Ratio on Fib 100 is just 0.780, with a bullish pressure, BUT with a possible break since %/216 value is 344.

1235.9 equals BL4 / 1237.5 equals XO 90 ration on Fib 0.618.

Knowing that Gold have two targets.
First move is vital to know which one come first.
Trade ist aktiv: Great first move up.

Hopefully things can go smooth now.
Sl's 1237ish hit.
1238 did the job.
But gold is a magician, so expect everything.
Good Luck.
Kommentar: Sell is good. Move SL to BE.
Warning that 1230 now become very tough not only it is a classy support but now levels float there blocking a downward move.
Gold is setting up for new highs, very bullish after every recalculation.
If target 1223 is real and there is no mistake, you will witness a spike downwards. Very aggressive and volatile to tag it.
Why aggressive? Just because majority of noobs, sorry retail traders start buying at 1230 well just because oh boy it is one good support to buy. So we have TP where they have SL.

If that happens I have Buy limits set 1223 and 1224 because gold is ready for new highs.
If 1223 is not true then Gold can be blocked at 1230 or even 1231 and move up. Once it gets over 1237.5 by 1$ that is confiremd bull.
Trade ist aktiv: Current open trades.
Trade ist aktiv: Magician take BE and give small cash. Now I go for second round at 1238. Let's see what magician have for me again!
Kommentar: Dera followers, need your input.

This was registered on Fxpro right after opening.
But I have yet to find something similar on other brokers across the bord.
Do you have the same on your broker ?

thank you!
Kommentar: Problem Solved. Turns out it was a technical glitch on some of ECN brokers. Well wow, cool.
What's next a Technical Glitch spike to 1300$
Huge money was lost accross the board in 1 second after opening. Fxpro is saying they will refund all their clients. But this is not funny.
Anyway, picture the same, still looking downward on Gold.

Good Luck.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Big all time winner again PATIENCE. This short setup trolled me since last thursday but as always I had faith in targets. Took some time to be in DD but gave a nice entry at 1242 and now all ended with profits profits profits.

Ähnliche Ideen

Thank you for your input. Question, After updating your chart to the present (today is the evening of the 21st, or start of the 22nd) I noticed that there appears to be an inverted H&S. Left inverted "S" on the 20th, Inverted "H" on the 21st and a possible inverted "R" shoulder to happen on the 22nd. Would like some feedback on this as to whether I'm just wishful thinking :-)
TheZabisyu mesflash
@mesflash, Sorry I have no idea How H&S patterns work and what they mean, can't help you on this one. Take care.
Seems next spike should be 2000$... cause banks and brokers are reading your charts! ))
That is outging trick... but not detected at brocker I'm working with.
This super weird opening candle almost killed my account...

Thanks God I had hedging and SL...

Damn dangerous shit!
TheZabisyu ValtsVladimirLiepnieks
@ValtsVladimirLiepnieks, Bro, call to Fxpro.. Request a call back and be super mean to them! Because this is Fraud! Ask them to explain what the hell it was!
So you're short now? It's hard to keep up! Wish you would let us access your FXPro account so we can follow along. Any chance? Thanks Bruno.
Lovely trade setup, thank you very much for sharing your idea. I have similar view on this pair
as well.
A new week with thanks to you TP. I look at the dollar yen and see it coming back to the down direction on the daily chart. This makes me wish that hold tries to test 1248 today without testing 1223. Thaks again Sir.
Thanks bro, appreciate your hard work and sharing!
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