BOT TEST / Do Not Press Like!!

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / US-Dollar
This chart is for Bot Test purposes!
Please do not press like on this idea.

You will notice 1-4 random generic comments under this idea, and everyone who pressed like on this idea will be from an account that has been registered max 22 days ago!
This idea will be forwarded to Administration!

I will be keen to see can bots read - Do not Like this idea! Are they smart enough!
Kommentar: Likes from bots should be done within 1 hour after this idea has been posted!
Let's see.
Kommentar: There they Go!! It's starting!
Kommentar: I think the bot wave is over!
Here are the accounts:

These are bots.
Admins can take actions on these accounts.
More than clear that these bots communicate in a distributed, peer-to-peer way. Bots will talk to other nearby bots, which talk to other nearby bots, which talk to other nearby bots, and so on. There’s no one, identifiable, single point where the bots get their instructions from. This works similarly to other distributed networking systems, like the DHT network used by BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer networking protocols.

The most basic way for a botnet to be controlled is for each bot to connect to a remote server. For example, each bot might download a file from every few hours, and the file would tell them what to do. Such a server is generally known as a command-and-control server. Alternately, the bots might connect to an Internet relay chat (IRC) channel hosted on a server somewhere and wait for instructions, which is not the case here because they start to react with a delay. So more than sure they use Command control Server. Right now once it issued new commands they came in and acted based on instructions they were given.

The administration could now Hide this idea!
Kommentar: There are a lot more of them interacting with other users here as well, so good luck on filtering them out too!
you are very smart guy believe me. I realized that as well same comment is appearing again and again from weird users. No one realized that before. Thanks for letting us know about it.
TheZabisyu Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, thanks. hope tv takes care of that.
Demasiado interesante....
TheZabisyu plekus13
@plekus13, Gracias, Hasta aquí, nada que objetar. :)
captcha + restricting restristration with all known temp email providers could slow down! the bots. Fact is that you are target which means your good ;) don't give up bro!
TheZabisyu trading4fun
@trading4fun, I am one of the targets. But I am the first to spot this. There are a lot of other users here that bots interact with.
paytonlowe9812 trading4fun
@trading4fun, I've ran bot farms, captchas are a joke. A good way would be for mandatory phone number verification and two step verification.
trading4fun paytonlowe9812
@paytonlowe9812, I know, this is why I used "slow down". It depends how good is the dev who is writting the bot. 1+ for the phone verification
Thanks for the great analysis once again!
@flsrp, aww :*
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