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Guy's remember that I wrote about the likely corrective structure for USDJPY because the first impulse had not the characteristic of a wave 1 (not saying we can't go higher but we analyze high probability). Although we saw a bullish impulse from 100 zone we have to keep in mind that a wave C can be impulsive as well, so this is why drawing lines alone isn't enough. Short term look for the way of least resistance as always. Let price consolidate (possible wave 2) and sell the continuation. If we see a reversal ( bullish impulsive reversal) we simply adjust again. Keep it safe and simple so the current market will give you lots of return on capital.


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Kommentar: I slightly adjusted the wave count, concept remains the same.
Expanding leading diagonal now .
I think it is making leading diagonal but I don't know we need more confirmation
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TimStuyts forexstock100
This is what you mean?

If that's the case and I have that scenario as well since we were not able to break below 100.9 again, then we might have a solution for the 4 hour time frame as well by means of another leading diagonal. However on 4 hour time frame the structure will in that case be 3-3-3-3-3.

But I will prepare a new post for this so I can give some context.
forexstock100 TimStuyts
Yes , but how come leading diagonal structure is 3-3-3-3-3 which is exclusive to ending diagonal and triangles . Am I right ?
forexstock100 TimStuyts
Tim, why you labelled the leading diagonal on 4 hour time frame as a-b-c-d-e since it is impulsive wave pattern " leading diagonal " and should be labelled 1-2-3-4-5 as you did with the other leading diagonal on 60 minute time frame .

Thanks for sharing your nice ideas .
TimStuyts forexstock100
I just posted a new post, both are valid ways to count a leading diagonal. 1-2-3-4-5 is just more common. Let's see how the 1 hour time frame plays out first. Thanks for your input, you made me take a closer look at it;-)!
Wasn't that 5 of 1 the longest wave. Shouldn't 3 be the longest
TimStuyts TomPower
No a wave 3 can't be the shortest wave. However it doesn't have to be the longest. Let's see whether we see a reversal sign on lower time frames then I will update the post.
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TimStuyts TomPower
By the way thanks for bringing this up, although the rules aren't broken I agree with you in terms of what should be wave 3. I see I used my original forecast/wave-count but since we saw an acceleration I should have be more careful with using the original count. I will adjust.
TomPower TimStuyts
maybe we see a bounce tomorrow for that red wave 2
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