FX:USDCHF   US-Dollar / Schweizer Franken
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Gray charts are weekly trades. That means that they are independent of other charts that I publish. So do not be alarmed if I am short on the weekly trade and long on the daily or monthly. That is absolutely normal
** To get my updates immediately, please make sure you follow me. Sometimes, I update my charts on old charts.
Kommentar: Here are some examples of level 1 signals from the work of @stephenleachman. Please like his work and follow him for his great work:

Kommentar: CORRECTION: The orange zone is the target zone not the sell zone
Kommentar: Waiting for the correction to materialize...
Kommentar: in buy zone..
if the current candle closes making a morning star, can we buy?
Wow. Thanks for the tip! Good stuff, there. But, tradingview doesn't seem to let me follow stephenleachman. I'll keep trying.
can you please correlate a slide or method to this strategy? I cannot find a comparable method for this to relate to.
thanks in advance =)
It's just a zone 3 buy. There is a slide about zones
fatkumo Ichimoku_Trader
Thank you for this sir!
there is divergence, but after brexit it is a risk time and everybody is running to dollars
Ichimoku_Trader MarcielSouza
sorry about my silly question, why we buy level 1 signal here but not level 2,3,4?
1. The question is not silly
2. The buy zone is too small to accommodate a level 4 signal and the target zone is too close to accommodate a level 2 or 3 signal

Although, the best would be to take a later signal because I feel that the market is weak and I would thus like to find the buy in the bottom half of the buy zone but due to the compression of the 2 zones i chose to raise the risk a little bit in favor of higher rewards
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suumacao Ichimoku_Trader
the market is weak, mean weak about buyer or about seller. If in this case if the seller is more strong than the buyer. we will take signal 4 or it will change direction?
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