Out the Box...Depressed Impulse! // IF=THEN ®

FX:USDCAD   US-Dollar / Kanadischer Dollar

After moments of rumination ;), i hope to have recovered from what I call "shrinkage of analytical capacity and rationality, we can call it, "emotional fib retracement/correction", and sometimes those moments can be synced with our losses period. Some guys stay away as soon they realize the arrival of these periods, others hold up in depression ;).

I'm not trading at this psychotic moment... one guy needs to breathe...

The Technical:
Eventual impulse movement here on FX:USDCAD eventually surprising a lot of people ...

RSI Bearish Divergence, Rejecting ResistanceH4 @ 1.31978, and IF this is the start of 4th wave of 5, i'm expecting a pull back close to previous daily resistance D1 that turned support @1.30803 and then the 5th wave...

Now look left, and IF the market continues surprisingly to move up, where it will stop? 1.33 its a nice price zone level, as well as psychological number, also previous structure pressure zone as shown in the chart, and obviously that wave 5 = wave 1...

On daily we have this Bat pattern , in wich the "C point" CAN NOT close above point A, so, there's a little room in fact to print it above resistance H4. Note that this Bat pattern point C is already valid at H4 resistance...

Sell the "correction" and buy the eventual daily Bat pattern when and IF completed

Safe trades;


Which time frame is this....? Does it matter? I careless! It's the price action that matters most. That said, THIS HAPPENS TO BE ONE OF THE CLEAREST ELLIOT WAVE COUNTS I'VE EVER SEEN.
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