TSLA mimicking the accumulation from IPO to Model-S lift-off

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I was looking at TESLA and noticing how long it needs to consolidate before taking off - now granted - it doesn't have anything driving it to make it take off fundamentally this time like it did last time with Model S sales going great... but I suppose it could be anticipation of Model 3 sales and the July grand opening of the Gigafactory.

Interesting that I lined up the first deep correction off the run up in 2013 with the IPO in 2010.

And they are right on top of each other here with EXCEPTIONALLY SIMILAR accumulation patterns.

I don't often publish "Mirror" patterns or "Mimick" patterns but I found this to be very interesting and wanted to share it with you.

I included the link below for the "What happens after a new Fed Chairman is elected?" which is also very interesting.

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12:05PM EST June 13, 2016
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Would you be able to update this?
The Model-X has been lackluster and the Model-3 is pretty far into the future. The Gigafactory isn't generating a massive impulse of sales or earnings yet, so the stock needs more time to accumulate.

I view the valuation of $30 billion is "about right" until more meaningful progress is made. Tesla sales are up dramatically and valuation keeps dropping and short-sellers are licking their chops, hoping for TSLA to stumble or announce a bigger capital raise to fund more cap spending to drive higher production rates. It's a vicious world out there and the still nascent trend of electric vehicles needs protection to some degree to continue the market penetration. The "internet" wasn't taxed for well over a decade to help it along and encourage investors to make commitments to long term projects with VERY uncertain outcomes. The price of solar panels keeps falling and the subsidies there are in jeopardy with collapsed Gov't spending capabilities. So, there are many factors driving Tesla at this point and it's going to take awhile longer for it to materialize. I have the sense that batteries will become the big trend in the future and Tesla is well positioned to capitalize on that trend with the Gigafactory and its ability to produce low-priced batteries.
I can't make the old price action "match-up", so the analogy has to "extend-time" or "stretch-out" time to allow it to "fit". I think that is a good explanation for what is going on (see my last reply). Thanks for asking @2use - What I really missed was the semiconductor play on Tesla which has rocketed ahead by 100% in the last year. The way to make money in Tesla is to be creative and find who else benefits. Too bad I missed it.
very good article
Great article
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