The Next Brexit is to come: Investors selling Italy

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This is the reason why:

Investors this time want to make everything better than before. Brexit and the US-Election caused two panic sell offs before. So what can you do better than selling Europe before on next sunday the next "Brexit" will occur and will cause the next panic sell offon next Monday?

But is this how stockmarkets are working?

All Investors know before that a crash is comming on next monday and all Investors are able to go short and all are making profit on next monday?

Do not make any mistakes: The polls are clear. Matteo Renzi will loose the upcomming Referendum by sunday December 4th, will resign probably same day followed by 8 Italien Banks going directely bankrupt next day followed by leaving Euro und the European Union. So it´s written in the news. The perfekt Storm.

What i am wondering about ist how this might work in the opinion of all this investors wich are shorting the market or wich are afraid to buy any uncertainty or wich are not willing to climb a wall of worries. Everyone knows all facts now. What will be "new" on sunday if everything happens what you can read in any newspaper all arround the world?
I am neutral for this market but i will keep an close eye on the FTSE /mib if ever the widely expected sell off on monday dec. 5th 2016 or any following day might not occur.

The black line in the chart showes the expeted day for the next "Brexit" Crash on Monday Dezember 5th. As i said before: Do not make any mistake: Matteo Renzi is far behind to win this voting - but everyone know this.
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Recent polls show growing opposition to Italy’s proposed reforms. A defeat of the referendum would support the view that voters world-wide are increasingly in an antiestablishment mood, as illustrated by the U.K.’s vote in June to leave the European Union, or Brexit, and the win by this month by businessman Donald Trump over former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election.

“Sunday’s referendum on constitutional reform is Italy’s Brexit moment and a ‘no’ vote would send tremendous shock waves through the markets and the banking system,” wrote Neil Wilson, senior market analyst, at ETX Capital, on Monday.
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Up To Eight Italian Banks May Fail If Renzi Loses Referendum | Zero ..
Stop shorting Europe now.

If you are a medium to short term Investor stop shorting European Stockmarkets. You can read in any german newspaper or news web side that by monday the next "crash" is to come. You can feel that "fear" is real and people absolutely believe in this.
Watch this impressiv chart!


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