Nasdaq and Ethereum correlation

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Hello traders and non traders!
I was asking myself since around a year what could be the intensity of a correlation existing between the Nasdaq and Ethereum .
Of course Nasdaq and Ether cannot be compared, one is a group, the other is a "crypto stock". But you got the idea.
As you know one is regrouping the modern virtual technology, with some banks and other bio technologics, Ethereum is a very interesting platform for the potential future blockchain technologics.
How much correlated will these two be in term of market sentiment, utility?
Are they close cousins? are they competitors as one is completely decentralized but sharing a similarity of futuristic and progress regarding technology?

Well, well.
Let's advance a bit more.
When you look at the Nasdaq graph, you cannot remain not seeing the parabolic trend that started recently.
Parabolic things generally don't end well.

Let's advance a bit more.
In the hypothetical of a Nasdaq crash as it happened twice not that long ago, how would Ether coin react to this?
Supposing that Btc has extremely important chances to raise a lot in case a Nasdaq crash happens, i remain confused regarding Eth.
Will it still stay as a modern safe haven as Btc? Will it follow a downtrend because of Nasdaq going down?
We can not think that a modern blockchain platform would not be impacted by a crash of Nasdaq, because these Nasdaq companies would possibly crash, lack some funds to invest in the blockchain, they will lack interest investing in it (or maybe the opposite would happen, Companies in trouble would deeply invest in blockchain technology to modernize themselves using a new kind of business).
Imagine a random pharma group really interested in blockchain for an instant knowledge of their supplies, crashing. There are chances that Eth coin would suffer from the large crash of these kind of companies.

My point of view is that in case of a Nasdaq crash, Btc and Eth will intensely raise. But after some period, let's say 2 weeks - 1 month, i imagine Eth could follow a downtrend and a possible important correction while coins like Btc and Ltc would keep on raising.

Please, share your point of view, i want to know what the average trader as me could think about that.

Nota: As the 5th or 6th or i dont want to count how many, "Btc bubble" is currently "bursting", i want to give courage in case you lost some. And also, do not feel ridiculous or ashamed having bet on a virtual coin.
Some people are laughing about and bashing Dutchmen who used to bet on Tulips.
I absolutely don't, i perfectly understand why they did that (fashion and tulip trend of the times, quick easy money if you arrive early, etc.)

Some people say that future generations will laugh knowing we used to bet on virtual coins and virtual tokens.
Let me say i clearly think the opposite.
If we are trading on virtual coins, i can't even imagine what generations in 200 years could bet and trade on, it could be so much more abstract and unvisible than the virtual coins we have right now that we cannot even imagine the intensity of abstraction it could have. They would have nothing to laugh about us.

regards @Giorgioversace
I have seen some comments in other publications and I would like to know a little more about your thoughts and ideas about the cryptos ... well, like some analyzes.
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