DAX: Watch for a Runaway Gap on Monday

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Please open this link first and scroll down:

What can you read?

Retail Investors are short for the DAX by 82% (!).

If you open this link you can see, what a "runaway gap" means and that is not the same like a "Common Gap".

If ever this runaway gap might occur by tomorrow than keep in mind that "the machines" will get it 3 times:

- hourly
- daily
- weekly

.... and you know what this means.
The DAX is traded actually ----> 11.320 - 11.370 points.

The odds are high that the runaway gap might occur today.
7.59 a.m. ---> DAX: 10.272

Starting by 08.00 a sharp 200 points sell off closed any possible gap.
The sell off in the morning did not continue. There is no selling pressure at all. Watch any day now for a further rise of the overall Stockmarket in Europe. Italy is up another 1,45% today until now.
.... another set up:


The German "DAX" Investors Sentiment for 2017 is overall not positive. The average expections is 10.800 points by the End 0f 2017 (!) according todays "" survey.
Buy Signal "weekly":

You might see it in the chart above: The small green arrow showing a buy signal on a weekly base.

Shortterm based today the German DAX failed to go higher leaving a measuring gap to show that this uptrend is more strong than Investor might believe. Same time there are a lot of diffrent buy signals.

In the night the pre market DAX climbed to 11.380 went lover to 11.275 followed by a sharp sell off to 11.140. The close was at 11.190.

The German "DAX" Investors Sentiment for 2017 is overall not positive. The average expections is ----> 10.950 points(not 10.800) by the End of 2017 (!) according todays "" survey.
It' s going rocket straight up now ...

Watch again tommorrow for a measuring or Runaway Gap to get the evidence, that a new bull Market is starting right now.
The DAX is after hours at 11.300

Watch tonight of you might see the futures going higher in Asia. If ever this might happen than the DAX-Future might open higher from a few up t0 50 (future) and the DAX (up to 100-200 points) as well.

The after hours DAX:


Watch tommorrow morning closely if any kind of gap might occur. A measuring or runaway gap is a clear buy signal.

Trade active: Watch this amazing chart ....


.. and you see that the DAX runs like expected. On the other hand the widely expected stockmarket crash after the Italian Referendum never occurs. The DAX jumped directely above the key resistance line at 10.800 and cross the 11.000 without any problems.

After all do you believe that German Retail Investors getting ethusiastic now?

You are still wrong. The avarage expectations by end of the year 2017 is 10.950. The DAX hat been today at 10.326 points or almost 400 point higher than the average investor expect by next years end (!). After todays FOMC Traders try to short the DAX Future once more. They failed to pass by 11.200. For the upcomming december options exparations day on friday the expectations are clear - and high. The German DAX is expected to have kind of "flash crash" at least back to 11k or probably 10.800.

After all you have learned about this rally in wich almost all investors missed day by day any up move - what you guess might happen thursday and friday with Germany´s DAX?

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. But if ever 80% of all Investors telling the market to go down than is form all what we learned about stockmarket less likely that this might occur.

So come back on Monday and let us discuss again, what has happened until than and maybe what we might had known before.

Once more.
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The DAX closes today at 11.366. The intraday high was 11.387 - and as you might guess a new 2016 high. Any not closed opening gap tommorrow might show a kind of capitulation of all investors missing this rally and will accellerate the momentum to the upside.
This is a strong signal that this uptrend is real.
Investors will forced to buy into this rally. I am waiting for this pattern since monday to occur and hope to get it by friday or at least next monday.
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