DAX reached Action Point!

INDEX:DAX   DAX Stock Index
1449 18
Dax reached the falling trendline which is valid since 21.04.2016. For me, thats an Action Point where a desicion has to be made. An upcoming consolidation is thinkable at that Level (possible tp on the downside is - as always - the 38,2 fibo) , but not neccesary. The RSI signs further up-potential in the daily Chart - there is still a bullish momentum - every dip was bought these days.
If DAX could beat the midterm downtrend since April, the BIG Downtrend can be aimed!
Beating this longterm downtrend means a resumption of the maitrend - a Long Lasting bullmarket since 2008.
Dear followers! I Need some comments or other ideas ! I Analyse the market for YOU

Former Analysis:
Little Consolidation ahead?

New midterm-longsignal above 9775

red vs. green my Chart i have illustrated the present resistance and support zones.
If Dax0.80% could overcome the resistance @ 9775 , a shortterm longsignal with tp @ 9.950 appears. The following TP could be 10.350.
Above 10.350-10.450 the midterm downtrend will break - that will generate midterm/longterm Targets @ 11.300/11.750/12.300
Above 12.350 there would be a BIG LONGSIGNAL --> TP 13.700!
If Dax0.80% is trading below the last green "3" respective the last red "2" i exspect a sellof with tp @ 7.250.

Is the holy 61,8 Fibo again the level for a turnaround?

The consolidation reached the maximal correction fibo-Level 61,8. Here a Turnaround could start. TP could be 9850.
On ist way up, several resistances appear: 9560/9750
Prices belwo the significant Low at 9158 will cause a selloff.

Kommentar: a final overshooting could reach till 10.550/ 10.750
Kommentar: microstructure
Kommentar: flag attack?
Kommentar: below 10.285 a dip to 10.260/10.230 is realistic
Kommentar: low was 10.268
Kommentar: Dax is forming a second DOJI and a bearish wedge - is this the sign that a correction is starting? Let`s see where the market will Close. If todays candle really would be a doji again, a drop could be ecspected.
Kommentar: was this the final overshooting today which triggeres the bearish wedge?
Kommentar: example for a short below the 38,2
Kommentar: the neckline is the Level to watch! onlyx prices above the right shoulder will brighten the charts
Today look like long for DAX
Today DAX is Long or short ?
today any plan for DAX over sold long ?
long or short Tp?
marihuana-aktien marihuana-aktien
short tp perhaps the ema 200 or the 38,2 fibo - and shortterm tps:
may be the third time charm !, will try with a bear DAX
going down in the short term
Look like DAX current reached 10350 the short will be in , but still look good , If today can brake the 10 380
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