Bubble inside Bubble

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This is not a trading plan but a likely scenario for another giant Bubble for Bitcoin             .

BTC             is growing bubble after bubble (4th in its history since 2008).

Take off has ended at $20.000 when CME Future Contracts opened.
Investors has shorted heavily via these contracts. Institutionnals are coming slowly into this market where in the same time where governments are trying to find solution for regulation on cryptos (it's needed imho)

The market cap is still ridiculous in comparaison with other assets.
Many people make the comparaison with the Dot Com Bubble in 2001. That's true, i think BTC             could lead the same road but maybe at higher level.
The total market cap in Dot Com market, when the bubble burst, was 9.6 Trillions !
At $20.000, the total market cap in Crypto was "only" 800 Billions, almost 10x less than dot com market capitalization in 2001.
agree, perfect bubble
I personally believes that we are in one of the worlds greatest bear trap in the history of bear traps...
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9.6T - yes. But started from much higher position too.
In 2015 cryptos were only 3B$ marketcap. At the top were 850B$, with projects icos popping more crazy, than in dotcom. Blockchain in the name and your stocks moon. Too much resambles, cryptos are faster, so for nothing seems to indicate we have any reversal.
Looks good bro
Bubble of the bubble? It would be horrendous, and will have extremely bad effect in the end. I would rather end it with bull trap here.
JoshuaVanier PRO ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, dumb. that would end blockchain as we know it.
ja.piotr.bor JoshuaVanier
@JoshuaVanier, lol blockchain can't be ended, because of price action of the most volatile assets in the world. 2015 didn't end blockchain, rather there were new innovation. You must stick out your head outside price and look around.
JoshuaVanier PRO ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, "It's important to remember that if there were no bitcoin, there would be no distributed ledger technology." "When tied to virtual currencies, this technology aims to serve as a new store of value, facilitate secure payments, enable asset transfers, and power new applications."

That was the response from Commodity Futures Trading Commission chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo when asked by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about the value of the technology underlying cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
ja.piotr.bor JoshuaVanier
@JoshuaVanier, and I don't say it isn't correct, apart from that it's not a store of value
Just market manipulation and speculation have risen to the enormous levels, people seek to get rick quick, not real innovation (same again what was 18 years ago, history likes to repeat).
It's not a store of value, if it's going up and down like crazy (in 2015-16 with no hype - there was organicial demand propping price higher and lower, bit by bit not swinging back and forth).
You rhethoric is going to this point "if you won't own any cryptocurrency, it's your own fault for staying poor/being dumb". And what I see? A massive market manipulation to drain cash from people to bigger funds. Daily swings are something that was almost impossible just one or 2 years ago, and technology and most of crypto were there. Coinmarketcap was there. It's a hype, and a spirial cause of many uneducated "investors" entering market, which they don't understand. I can be wrong, and I'll admit it, when I'm, but for now we aren't going mainstream anywhere, to justify current market valuation. Exchanges are prone to very easy manipulation and fraud - on a lot of exchanges you can buy and sell to yourself, thus creating fake volume or with couple of millions entirely missleading market.
wildbeast ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, You must be noob lol
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