This is a simple idea I've been contemplating, specially appliccable for people using 1broker to trade, while holding BTC . If you trade with no leverage, you can afford to have things move down quite a bit before being hard stopped (losing 84% of the position's value), so this lets you keep a 'cash' savings account, holding BTC and some stock CFDs.
(This same idea can be applied to anyone using more proper brokerage firms, simply diversifying your holdings into some BTC exposure as well, but the post is mostly meant for Bitcoin users).

Holding this type of portfolio, you're hedged against fiat money inflation , but you have counterparty risk, since you have holdings at a brokerage firm, so do your due diligence. You can always find more secure alternatives for BTC , like paper wallets, and the like. You can use this simple signal idea I share here, to add to your savings.

Hope you find this idea useful and inspiring, since I'm sure not many of the BTC users, or the 1broker users specifically thought about this application (instead of going all in with leveraged bets).


Ivan Labrie.

ps: this idea is specially good for 3rd world countries, we have horrifically dangerous fiat currencies and general lack of confidence in institutions, and for good reasons.
Kommentar: Portfolio's up!
Kommentar: The portfolio gained 6% here.
Kommentar: 37% gain since posted. Anyone used my idea?
Kommentar: +569%
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------- "Bitcoin" ---- "A Fools Paradise" ---- "Bitcoin"
----"IF" --- "Major Support Is Taken Out" --- " $9,222.00 "
"Next Stop" ---- Below $5,555.55 --- 33.3% Chance or Better.
Only "Fools Jump In"
"Good Luck" -- and -- "Good Trading"
IvanLabrie jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, call me a fool then.
jeffreyjim IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, "Not A Problem" --- "Why" are "You" posting this on "Fords" page " ? "
"Ford" -- "May" -- Go Below $7.00 -- "Ford" is worth something. (Backed by something)
"Bitcoin" is only worth what some one is willing to pay for -- "Nothing"
"Bitcoin" is backed by nothing. (It is a "Fools" game)

"Good Luck" -- and -- "Good Trading"
IvanLabrie jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, Maybe you fail to see the value of digital cash...censorship resistant, fungible, descentralized...I'm long $GM btw. $F should underperform $GM over time I think.
jeffreyjim IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, For the short term "You" could be right on the "Money" about "Ford"
"IF" --- "Ford" --- Trades below --- $8.82 --- Start "Buying" -- ("May Not" trade that low)
Wave "2" -- or -- Wave "B" -- Down Should Bottom Soon After.
"Ford" -- "Could" -- Trade below $7.00 -- " ? "
This is for information only. --- Buy at your own risk.

"Good Luck"
IvanLabrie jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, it could certainly bounce here too. Just that I see $GM faring better with EV and having better valuation.
Best of luck mate.
jeffreyjim jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, -- Just -- "Looked" -- at -- "GM" -- "Monthly" -- and -- "Weekly" -- charts.
Alot of -- "Gaps" -- That need to -- "Fill"
"I" like trading -- "Gaps" -- "Could" -- take a lot of -- $ Money $ -- to do this.
Like doing this with "Elliott Wave" Patterns -- (Need to be on the right side)
"Fibo" -- Retracement Points Also. --- (Overbought -- Oversold -- Indicators -- are good)

"Good Luck" and "Good Trading"
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This is a great idea. I would just add that I recommend people involved in altcoin trading and investment keep a separate bitcoin savings pile in their NON-MARGIN exchange accounts SEPARATE from their working altcoin investment opportunity cash (btc) pile. The effect of Soros' reflexivity theory will continue to drive btc price to the sky. If you hold long-term you'll have a huge, inflation-slaying, money-making pile of exponential-growth without having to lift a finger.
+1 Antworten
IvanLabrie Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, in the very long run, yes. But following the trends is good for your active funds too. A bit of both works.
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