FOREXCOM:AUDJPY   Australischer Dollar/Japanischer Yen
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All my trades will have Risk of capital per trade of 2%

Stats before this trade starting from May 11:
Trade 1: GBJPY Trade = +3.6%
Trade 2: AUDUSD Trade= -2%
Trade 3: EURGBP Trade = Active
Net Pips: +118.5.
Net return = +1.6%

Trade ist aktiv
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: Return on trade: -2%
Net Return after trade: -2.4%
Kommentar: This is a great lesson for newbies. Stop loss does make the difference. If someone gives a forecast without giving a stop loss he/she is not real, be cautious.
True ... Stop loss is very important
It is a great lesson indeed. Good info! Always use a stop loss.
Surprised at your stop placement here Tech. Looking left - wouldn't this have been the ideal entry? The trade idea I think is correct.
@Technician if you used just a bit more than 2% you would still be on a good trade. Thats luck or not. We never know. Thanks for the posts.
Hi. I'd like to follow your trades, but I'm new to TradingView, and I'm having difficulties reading your chart. In this precise example, what is the open price of your sell stop? Thanks in advance!
@riuryK, Hi. Open entry price is 83.08. Next time i will write the levels in the description.
mentorfx Technician
@Technician, hopw this works out
I have been following Your idea on this, but I am not sure if this will down. What are your evaluation of it.I understood Your recommondation about 83,1, and in the morning today it looked good, but Now we are back over 83,1, So the question is, where now??
@ullsju, who knows for sure. That's why we use 2% risk per trade.
Hi Technician,
I have been following your ideas for a while and totally agree with your profit stats.
I started with a $100 and are now at $600 thanks to you!!!
Thanks, you doing a great job for our amateurs.
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