RSI 𝝙 Map is a on-chart application of signals produced by the original RSI 𝝙 Indicator.
RSI 𝝙 is a full study system of several RSI analysis that can be used on different timeframes and adapt strategy to trending markets or trading ranges.

Default Settings:
RSI: 13
Linear Regression of RSI: 34
Signal RSI: 5
Long RSI: 55
RSI 𝝙 Histogram: Delta between RSI and Long RSI based on Signal RSI_Length.

Activate Vertical Bar Highlights and/or Signal Candle Flags for:
- RSI Oversold/Overbought. (Default: Highlight Bar)
- Signal RSI Oversold/Overbought. (Default: Highlight Bar)
- RSI crossing its Linear Regression . (Default: Signal Candle Flag)
- RSI crossing its Long RSI . (Default: Off)
- Signal RSI crossing its RSI . (Default: Off)
- Signal RSI crossing its Long RSI . (Default: Off)
- RSI 𝝙 Histogram crossing baseline. (Default: Off)

Users can also do extra tuning in Style Section of Format options.

The market behaves differently when the pacing changes, volatility changes and when it trends or when it ranges. Develop an understanding of it with the help of this study.

Avoid risking more than 1% per trade. Be responsible for always making a priority about protecting capital and risk management. Develop emotional control and use this RSI study to develop a more complete trading system without any need for extra indicators other than Price and Volume .

👆active signals:
RSI Overbought/Oversold
Signal RSI Overbought/Oversold
RSI crossing Linear Regression

👆active signals:
RSI Overbought/Oversold
Signal RSI Overbought/Oversold
Signal RSI crossing RSI
Signal RSI crossing Long RSI

👆active signals:
RSI Overbought/Oversold
Signal RSI Overbought/Oversold
RSI crossing Linear Regression
RSI crossing Long RSI
Signal RSI crossing RSI
Versionshinweise: Controllers in Settings Dialog reorganized and corrected one spelling mistake.

No changes made into the model. Everything working as it should.

Don't forget that you can activate/deactivate signals that behave better for the timeframe and security you are looking at.
Versionshinweise: Removed background highlights all RSI crosses except Oversold/Overbought ones.

Added Ichimoku Cloud (21,55,144,21) -
Added Hull MA (34) -
  • Changed Delta Histogram model based on Exponential Moving Average to Linear Regression calculation providing slightly better results on D and 240 TF.
Versionshinweise: Changed wording in Options/Format
Changed Delta Histogram Signal model to be smoothened based on simple moving average instead of linear regression.
Versionshinweise: Complete updated with several improvements and only focused on strategies that are more reliable. The changes were based on Delta Strategy Multi-Options Indicators.
This is not a strategy tester as result signals are produced earlier and this script is faster.
Versionshinweise: Reversed the Cloud colors to Green/Uptrend and Red/Downtrend.
Versionshinweise: Pushed updated to correct some bugs related to the positioning of ! (warnings) on wrong side of candles.
Versionshinweise: Changed Hull default settings to 55 and 21
Changed RSI EMAs default settings to 13 and 21
These settings offer best equilibrium and symbiotics analysis between the RSI and the Hull.

You would want to have both to more or less agree.

Use this script in combination with RSI Delta script
Versionshinweise: Strategy Type selection panel simplified.
Adjusted some colors (default setting is configured to dark themes)
Versionshinweise: Several updates include the removal of less efficient strategies and bring top 3.

3 Optimized strategies that can be selected in Options dialog:

1. Price vs Hull Clouds (Embedded Hulls or Free HullMa+ Indicator)
2. RSI vs EMA Clouds (See Premium RSI Delta Study or Free RSI+ Indicator)
3. RSI Delta Histogram (See RSI Delta Study)

If you get access to this premium study you will also get the RSI Delta one ( available at https://www.tradingview.com/script/a6duo...)
Versionshinweise: Corrected small visual bug on Price vs Hull strategy. In some instances L and ! were shown at the same time. It's now corrected.

Add the ability to activate/deactivate an extra Long Hull (default to 144) - See Indicator Format Dialog for full Options

Extra Options :
- Background Highlights based on RSI oversold/overbought
- Ichimoku Cloud super long Settings (Objective is outline important levels)
- One Simple Moving Average (Default: 21)
- One Extra Hull Moving Average (Default: 144)
Versionshinweise: Major update to Delta Map that introduce Delta Scoring and simplify other areas.
Some cosmetic changes were also made to the L-!-S candle flags.

This Indicator is best used in combination with Delta RSI (Premium) and OBV+ Histogram (Free)
Versionshinweise: Added the ability to set alarms based on Delta Score condition

If Delta Score is Bullish
If Delta Score is Neutral
If Delta Score is Bearish
Versionshinweise: Momentum is now active by default in Delta Scoring.
Ichimoku Cloud now active by default with settings on 55 Tenkan ,144 Kijun, 233 Senkou B and 34 Displacement.
Versionshinweise: This update contains some changes in the scoring affecting the flags above/under the candles.
Also made changes to standard default settings for be more optimized.
All these changes are backtested with impressive results on 4H and D timeframes but ultimately what matters is your entries/exits and how you manage and trail stop losses.
Versionshinweise: update
Versionshinweise: update (prev was not showing chart)
Versionshinweise: chart update
Versionshinweise: Hull scoring now working. Thanks for the feedback.
Versionshinweise: bugfix update
Versionshinweise: Several improvements in scoring system.
Versionshinweise: Delta Scoring now include RSI Scoring by default.
Background RSI OS/OB Highlights now Active by default
Hull and RSI settings also adjust to better fit multiple timeframes and facility human analysis (rather than computed backtesting)
Versionshinweise: Several improvements into scoring and background RSI highlights were made.
Versionshinweise: Improved scoring calculation
Versionshinweise: performance improvement
Versionshinweise: updt
Versionshinweise: improved some settings and visuals. Scoring now includes RSI by default.
Versionshinweise: corrected a bug in Scoring when RSI is included.
Versionshinweise: You can now choose between scoring flags above/bellow candles or the NEW colored candles, in options dialog.

A reminder that you can also enable/disable background highlights and other extra studies like the Ichimoku Cloud and a set of 2 SMA or EMA.
Versionshinweise: Strategy update. Default settings adjusted to sync better between 4H, D and W timeframes.
Versionshinweise: Visual Update. Base Hull is now disabled by default.
Versionshinweise: Changes in Oversold/Overbought Highlights. Color scheme now reflect the trend when color start fading away you need to be looking out for potential reversal or price/rsi divergences
Versionshinweise: COLORED Flags Inactive by Default (you can turn them on in Options)
Introduced Background Bands active by default.
Versionshinweise: Major Update. Simplified and optimized a lot of options and the trend scoring system (with solid backtests).
Versionshinweise: Improved Visibility of the Regresion MA.
Versionshinweise: Price Clouds active by default (you can disable them in options)
Versionshinweise: Optimized some default settings. You can explore options to tune as you see fit.
Versionshinweise: bug fix
Versionshinweise: some improvements to scoring when source of data is changed.
Versionshinweise: Replaced L/!/S flags with •/—/•

( — ) Means stay Flat (or take profits, or simply adjust to tighter stop loss). We can also use location of this flag define the stop.
( • ) Means trend Bullish or Bearish. This triggers bias to place an Long/Short entry. We can place the stop based on previous — or instead move the stop to where the signal show up.
Versionshinweise: updt
Versionshinweise: Some styling changes into the Ichimoku Clouds. Reduced transparency to make it more visible.
Versionshinweise: update:
- include Wide Ichimoku Cloud active by default in Cloud Only Mode (to activate Tenkan, Kijun snd Chikou check options)
- Delta Clouds inactive by default (can be activated in options)
Versionshinweise: Removed Delta FLB Scoring in attempt to simply everything.
Now you have total 2 individual strategies that can be combined into a 3rd one.
Delta Bands still the default with solid back test results on multiple mainframes above 4H.

Removed Delta Clouds. They look great on chart but figure out they bring a lot of doubt during trading.
If you looking for health of the trend just look at the color of the Delta Band Linear Regression Moving Average and ideally weather they form a U/V-shape (up or down). Or simply switch to 4x higher time-frame.

You can also switch your RSI Delta to Histogram-Only mode and you can measure the health of the momentum and trend and have cleaner divergences that standard RSI doesn't show.

The idea is to streamline analysis of the Delta Bands with the analysis provided by the Delta RSI. These two should be working together more effective analysis and trend confluence.

The Ichimoku Cloud is active by default in Cloud Only mode. This removes a bit of clutter out of the chart and just show straight away the very long trends relative to price. They also serve great function of outlining great important 50% levels just cycle between D, W and M to identify straight lines in the clouds as they give levels of interest for your supply/demand basis analysis.
Versionshinweise: Important Update Notes

After publishing this article the following changes were made:

Delta Bands were changed from 14 instead of 21. The reason behind this change is because it offer better setups over time and it makes sense both RSI and the Bands taking data from same number of candles so you can do multi-time-frame analysis with a solid basis and consistency.
The RSI Delta oscillator now has both Bands Scoring and RSI Scoring active by default. By having this scoring included you get to see on chart one more sensitive and this one taking in consideration the health of momentum which can clear your judgment of any doubts about sticking to a current position.
The Ichimoku Cloud in Cloud-Only mode (default) now has a displacement of 1 and full mode 14.

Tutorial: telegra.ph/VSH-RSI-Delta-07-17
Versionshinweise: Update to scoring according to new changes done to RSI Delta. We can also choose to change the scoring based on a different time-frame.
Versionshinweise: Small setting changes to RSI background highlights to match update done to RSI Delta default settings
Cloud Senkou A line now visible

Versionshinweise: Simplified Options to the point of what is only necessary (based on my own use).

Ichimoku Cloud now is SD Cloud (a simplified version that only show a thinner cloud based on Base Length and with Displacement of only 1)

This approach allow to simplify the analysis and promote switch between different time-frames to find suitable opportunities.
Versionshinweise: Re-Introduced Price MA Scoring Strategy. This strategy produce Solid results on 4H and D time-frame at the expense of excessive amount of trades. Likewise divergence analysis is recommended so you can filter some noise. But this strategy trump other 2 if objective is Swing trades.

For position trade Cloud Strategy is best. RSI strategy is good for swings or position.

You should observe the asset you trading which ones are offering solid streaks as well less fake-outs as possible.
Versionshinweise: Updt. 5 scoring options. Default: Momentum.
Option to automatically apply Higher Time frame (one above Intraday -> D -> W -> M -> 4M)
Versionshinweise: update
Versionshinweise: update / bugfix
Versionshinweise: updt
Versionshinweise: Major Update.
Versionshinweise: Upt.
For simplicity reduce strategy choice to 3 (plus Higher Time-frame ones. A total of 6)
SD Clouds replaced with Delta Cloud
Versionshinweise: updt
Versionshinweise: update to price-delta scoring. Now also with neutral/amber code.
Versionshinweise: Introducing Trailing-Stops Suggestions (2 diff methods) - Can be turned active in Options
Versionshinweise: Added MA Clouds.
Versionshinweise: 3 Optional Cloud MA types: SMA, EMA and LSMA.
Versionshinweise: added SD Cloud (disabled by default)
Versionshinweise: RSI-Delta Scoring got some update changes. and is now the default. When Yellow/Amber/Neutral candles/scoring is visible it is suggest to monitor lower timeframe (LTF) since there is disconnect between momentum and price.
Versionshinweise: update. re-introduced cloud scoring with some extra conditions.
Versionshinweise: updt
Versionshinweise: + added coloring switch to SD Cloud Lead Line depending on price above/bellow.
Versionshinweise: Several Updates include:
• Tunning of color scheme of EMA/SMA cloud
+ SD Cloud replaced with Kurutoga Cloud (active by default)
+ Delta Cloud is now formed by the Delta Bands + Kurutoga Leading Line (active by default)
+ Delta Scoring applied to candles now are disabled by default. Turn on in options.
+ Info chart include more descriptive legends.
Versionshinweise: • Added ability to Disable/Enable Delta Bands. You can now have all options disabled and just have the bands on for cleaner chart. The bands offer good mean reversion opportunities.

Versionshinweise: • Delta Bands can now be enabled disabled detached from the Delta Price Line.
• Changed order of options.
• Default settings now optimized for cleaner or at least least noisy while providing utility. (It's the one I frequently use, see screen bellow).

Whenever necessary you can activate other options as necessary for other visual information.

Versionshinweise: • Added Delta Cloud
• Added ability to only see Delta Cloud and DK Cloud independently from Delta Price MA and Kurutoga Cloud.
• Some slight tweaks in coloring.

Default View

All clouds active
Versionshinweise: • Update in RSI-Delta Scoring model to reflect the update on RSI-Delta Oscillator
• Update in Momentum Background Highlight model and removed it from scoring options
• Changes and default settings.
Versionshinweise: • Cosmetic and range changes to Over Sold/Bought thresholds to match RSI Delta Oscillator changes.
Versionshinweise: • Add ability to have Kurutoga Lead visibility on/off.
Versionshinweise: • Update to RSI scoring reflecting recent changes in RSI Delta (oscillator)
• re-organized default options.
Versionshinweise: • Added extra layer to Delta Cloud.
• Some transparency tweaking
Versionshinweise: • Added RSI Scoring
• Added Price-Delta-2 Scoring (Same as Base Scoring in RSI Delta Oscillator)
• Some changes to default settings
• Transparency tuned up.

Versionshinweise: • Added ability to Highlight Significant 50% levels based on Kurutoga Lead
Versionshinweise: • Small bug fix.
Versionshinweise: • Upgraded 50% levels highlights with extended lines
• Renamed my system to name to DELTA7 and DELTA7 RSI
Versionshinweise: • Added Delta Standard Deviation Bands
Versionshinweise: • Small fix to Delta Bands
Versionshinweise: • Some changes to default settings.
Versionshinweise: • fix bug with background highlights
• re-added momentum scoring option (alerts can now be triggered with it)
Versionshinweise: • small bugfix in 50% level outline.

Versionshinweise: • quick fix with alerts
• default scoring back to RSI-Delta.
Versionshinweise: • Change to Delta Cloud and Scoring 2
• Some Visual/Cosmetic Tweaks
• Scoring is Active by default in flag mode.

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