Rosebud Trend [DepthHouse]

Rosebud Trend Indicator uses complex range calculations to easily detect trend changes, critical support and resistance levels, and even aid in spotting reversals. The Critical Support & Resistance Zones are plotted via the red and green cloud. This cloud not only visually displays the expected trend direction but often acts as major support and resistance zones. The outer band measures the expected range in which the assets trades within over longer periods of time.

Users can switch the ‘Trend Sensitivity’ between ‘Low’ and ‘High’ to increase or decrease the rate at which the cloud changes.

By altering the S/R Band Thickness users can furthermore increase or decrease the rate at which a trend changes by altering the thickness of the cloud. I prefer to keep these settings at 0.55 , 0.382, or 0.236.

The bar colors are generated by a combination of Rosebuds primary function and our ATR AUTO Oscillator base functions. Users have 3 bar color options to select from: Simple, Complex, and Off.
  • Simple: Bars colors alternate between shades of red and green based on the trend direction and the ATR Auto strength. Stronger the shade, the stronger the trend.
  • Complex: This adds a few extra variables to the script which generates a more complex bar color display. Using this option, Rosebud will generate light red bars in a bull trend if downward movement is strong and vice versa in a bear trend. It also will generate a purple bar if the candle successfully closes above or below the Top & Bottom Range Bands; We call this a range break, and it could be an early sign of strong upward or downward movement.
  • Off: In case you like to keep things even simpler, this option hides all overlay bar colors.
Sample of Complex Bar Colors:
Bull, Bear signals along with Up and Down arrows are too based on a combination of our trend direction and ATR Auto Oscillator calculations.
Users have the option to adjust both bar color, and shape generation settings via:

Smoothed Signal Option: Turns advance smoothing on or off. On will reduce signal noise, while Off could land you that perfect bottom signal with a lower success rate.
Candlestick Length: Default factor for bar color and shape generation, higher the number the fewer signals that will generate.
Candlestick Smoothing: Default smoothing for the Candlestick Length
Signal Lookback: Adjust the factor at which Bull, Bear, Up, and Down. Lower this to 2 for more signals.
Cross Thresholds: The lower this number the easier it is for ‘Bull’, ‘Bear’, and over extended signals to generate; see image below:
*Users also have the option to hide all signal visuals via the 'Shapes' On/Off option.
Users have multiple built in Alerts to choose from:

Bullish Trend Change: When the critical cloud switches to Bullish
Bearish Trend Change: When the critical cloud switches to Bearish
Upper Range Break: When the price action closes above the Range Top
Lower Range Break: When the price action closes below the Range Bottom
Light Bullish Cross: Early bullish signal; also displayed by up arrows by default
Light Bearish Cross: Early bear signal: also displayed by down arrows by default
Verified Bullish Cross: Occurs when a Bull signal is generated.
Verified Bearish Cross: Occurs when a Bear signal is generated.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future results*

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