RSI Dot Party - All Lengths From 1 To 120

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The RSI Dot Party indicator displays all RSI lengths from 1 to 120 as different colored dots on the chart.

🔶 Purpose

  • Show the reversal point of price action to time entries and exits.


  • When a dot displays it is a indication of the reversal of the price/trend. The larger the dot the more likely it is to reverse.
  • The Default settings generates dots for extreme cases where the RSI is over = 90 or under = 10 for every RSI length in the range of 1-120.
  • Example if the RSI of length 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or ... or 15 or 16 or 17 or ... or 80 or 81 or 82 or ... if any of does RSI crosses a boundary a dot is shown.
  • A boundary is the over/under the RSI oscillates in.
  • Customize the settings until the dots match up with the high and lows of past price action.


🔹 Source

  • Source 1: Is the First Source RSI is calculated from
  • Source 2: Is the Second Source RSI is calculated from

🔹 Meta Settings

  • Hours back to draw: To speed up the script calculate it only draws a set number of hours back, default is 300 hours back in time to draw then it cuts off.
  • Show Dots: Show or disable dots
  • Show Bar Color: Color the bars for each RSI incident
  • Filter Cross: Filters and only shows dots when the RSI crosses above or bellow a boundary. If not all candles above or bellow the boundaries will display a dot.
  • Dots Location Absolute: Instead of showing the dots above or bellow the candle, the dots will show up on the top and bottom of the window.

🔹 7 RSI Groups

  • There are a total of 7 RSI colors.
  • Range Very Tiny: Default Color Green
  • Range Tiny: Default Color Purple
  • Range Small: Default Color Yellow
  • Range Normal: Default Color Red
  • Range Large: Default Color Blue
  • Range Huge: Default Color Dark Purple
  • Range Very Huge: Default Color White

🔹 RSI Group Settings

  • Hi/Low Color: Change the Color of that group.
  • Start/End: The Start and End range of this RSI color. Example if start = 5 and end = 10 the RSI of 5,6,7,8,9,10 will be displayed on the chart for that color, if any of does RSI goes above or bellow the boundary a dot is displayed on that candle.
  • Delay: The RSI needs to be above or bellow a boundary for x number of candles before displaying a dot. For example if delay = 2 and the RSI is over = 70 for 2 candles then it will display a dot.
  • Under/Over: Boundaries that indicate when to draw a dot, if over = 70 and RSI crosses above 70 a dot is displayed.

🔹 Show

  • Section that allows you to disable RSI grounds you dont want to see, this also removes them from the alert signal generated.
  • Show Low: Show or disable Low RSI dots
  • Show High: Show or disable High RSI dots


  • Alert for all New RSIs Dots Created in real time
  • The alert generated depends on what groups are showing or not, if the green group is disabled for example the alert will not be generated.

🔶 Warning

  • When a dot shows up it can continue moving. For example if a purple dot shows itself above a 15 minute candle, if that candle/price continue to extend up the dot will move up with it.
  • Dots can also disappear occasionally if the RSI moves in and out of a boundary within that candles life span.

🔶 Community

I hope you guys find this useful, if you have any questions or feature requests leave me a comment! Take care :D
  • Updated Settings making it more intuitive
  • Fixed redraw but historical data will no longer match up in real time, if dot cross above and bellow a boundary during that candles life span the dot will no longer disappear.
Speed up: Removed Second Source
Added Realtime, Confirmed or Default behavior option in settings
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