Kripto Index (KRIN) [WOZDUX]

Created cryptocurrency index in the image and likeness of the Dow Jones. for this we have created a virtual cryptoperthite. This portfolio was formed on 7-08-2014, when allegedly purchased for 1 thousand dollars of each cryptocurrency. On that date, make a certain quantity amount of cryptocoins depending on the value. If bought 5 coins, then spent 5 thousand dollars. In the future, we calculate the current value of this portfolio and divide by 5000 to get a parameter showing how much the value of this crypto-portfolio has dared.

I used two dates. The first date is August 7, 2014 and 5 coins were used, the second date is January 1, 2015 and 6 coins were used.
The green line corresponds to the first date and the blue line corresponds to the second date. Thus, we obtain two variants of the crypto index.
With this crypto index ( abbreviated name-KRIN), you can observe the aggregate price movement of the crypto community.
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