Easy System 420

In this strategy, 15 indicators are used, each giving its results as a numerical value, which then is added or subtracted from the total points, gathered from all 15 indicators.
Many thanks to RafaelZioni for his great work making the EasySys1 script which i modified to create this script.
Onchart is drawn some of the indicators, but not all, a info panel is drawn showing the value each indicator has calculated. The info panel can be turned on or off.
Many of the indicator settings can be changed by user, and this is recommended, to tune the strategy to users chosen pair/timeframe.
Therefore any pair or timeframe can be used, the strategy tester results showing possible results, remember to set commission to match your broker. example chart settings here have common crypto exchange commission value: 0.25%

indicator list: SAR + STT + ZigZag + ROC + DMI + CCI + Weis + SMA + AO + MOM + Hist + BB + Ichimoku + HMA
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Thanks for the strategy! Can anyone answer if this is a strategy for the spot market or for futures? Thank you.
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SeaSide420 AdamZurich
@AdamZurich, I think any pair/instrument is ok
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SeaSide420 AdamZurich
@AdamZurich, Thanks for 100 coins! :D
Great Work !
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SeaSide420 TedPham
@TedPham, Thankyou! :)
whats is mean of Total Point number? in this ex Point 7, it's mean?
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hi, can you explain how to properly set and undestand how it works? buy @15 ok, but how is the right number to exit? it work on every timeframe?
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Awesome strategy! Can someone please show me how I can tune the strategy to a chosen pair/ can I make it more accurate depending on the timeframe I am on?
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Excuse me mr casino manager man, the person over there seems to be counting cards.

Oh wait, he's trading
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@BitcoinBeats, hahaha.. thats funny shit! nice
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