Scaled Normalized Vector Strategy, ver.4

This is a modification of my Scaled Normalized Vector Strategy.
This mod features some activation functions. Performance remains high. The repainting problem should be tested out.
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What are the best parameters for the 15 min timeframe?
Been looking through your work and seems like a lot of your strategies repaint, man.
To avoid repainting it is recommended to use these lines in the getdiff function (marked with *** on both sides):
curr = scaleMinimax((useold ? security(syminfo.tickerid, tostring(tf), ***hlc3***, barmerge.gaps_off, barmerge.lookahead_on)
: security(syminfo.tickerid, tostring(tf), ***hlc3***)), tf, 0, 1)
Mind the commenting subsystem deletes square brackets, so literally the bit ***hlc3*** is hlc3 + square brackets + 1 + square brackets.
TY19 capissimo
@capissimo, Repaint still happened in my 1M chart around 4pm though I changed it to hlc3 as mentioned.
@TY19, try to use this strat
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