Relative strength Divergence

The following indicator uses relative comparison of two assets by the formula n/s3, where n is the t asset on the screen while s3 the underlying assets it is being compared to. The usefulness of the indicator is to primarily compare the assets being traded like BTC (most prominent crypto with largest market cap), with some other crypto like TRX (this has a relatively smaller market cap). Since we get a broader market view through relative comparison of the two assets, the most important function is to find the edge through divergences. Just like RSI the divergences rules would be the same and most important trades would be trades in the direction of the trend along accompanies by divergences that are in line with the trend. Simple divergences work for the best trades with default settings. Although BTCUSD is the default asset to compare with it can be switched with any other asset as well, but it is very much preferred that one uses some type of index as the base asset for comparison. Other than that for simple trading the trend MA crossover can also be used as a signal for simple trend following.
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