Premium [fikira] RSI Div

- This indicator will very accurately compare pivotpoints of RSI against the price.
If there is a divergence, lines will be shown

- Bullish / bearish crossover level:
Set this if you want a colour change when a crossover/-under occurs,
otherwise choose the same colour for the two.

- Labels and lines are adjustable

- A label of the RSI value (at the right side) is included

- If there is need for a trendline of the RSI , please ask

- Pivots are calculated by searching for the highest/lowest point between
1 or more bar(s) at the right (= "present") and x bars at the left (= history, can be set)

Since the script will wait for the right bars to close before validating a pivot point , it never will repaint! (minimum 1 Rightbar!)
Still, it is important to wait until the amount of rightbars are actually close before making your conclusions, for example:
if Rightbars is set at 1, and there is a divergence visible 2 bars back, then this is a valid one.

- Please don't make conclusions solely on divergences! Use it with other indicators!

- Rarely (and mostly on very low timeframes),
"pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series.",
nothing will be shown then. Normally this can be resolved by:
  • refreshing the page
  • using another timeframe
  • lowering Leftbars or lastly
  • lowering Rightbars to 0 (not recommended)

Leave a comment below or send a PM to get access, thank you very much!

Versionshinweise: Added color options for lines
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Interesting! Can I try this to see how good I can work with it? Thank you.
Hi @fikira can I please have access to try. Thank you.
fikira DaveBarnes
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Great work!

Please grant access. Thank you!
fikira kngkng518
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can i get access for try.......
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Can I get access please?
Hi Can I get access please ? Thanks