I created this script for basically two reasons

1. there is not simple suptertrend indicator available on tv rather you will find many fancy suptrend indicators with confusing other indicators and absurd background colors i dont know why some of the trader coders are obsessed with is using over the top color and designing phenomena.

2. I want to let people know about the accuracy of suptertrend indicator on multiple time frames i am plaining to create a backtesting tool for almost all Famous indicators so that specially new folks know what should they expect from any particular Indicator

Also i added intraday filter to check the results for intrday signals . the sqaure off timings are for Indian markets only but you can edit the hours and minutes in the code for using other than indian markets. No need to do anything if you only want positional trading trading results
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Nice strategy.

How to convert it into study, so we can use alerts?
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Hello, I'm a newbie and I have been spending time learning various indicators and strategies. I came across your script and seems to very interesting and I used to in my day trade today. The results were very positive. I wanted say a big thank you for publishing this and make it easy for the starters.

**Question: The numbers that shows up at buy/sell flag, do they represent the number of share to be bought/sold? if, so can you please help me understand how do you come up with those number?
Hi, this is great. Have been looking for it.
Can you change the code so that the bulish trend is represented by Green line & Berrrish trend by Red.
Excellent job , i have been looking for this for quiet some time
Well done
Excellent script sir, well done. It will help us all 👍👌
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