HA Chart with two EMA Trends and Signal Alert by Godtrix

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1) This tool is to add convenience of viewing HA chart at the same time with your main candle chart at different timeframe (resolution), so you save energy from switching between the candles and timeframe.

2) It comes with two seperate EMA:

a) 1day EMA trend lines set at length 10 & 20, this is the best setting ever for seeing long term trend.
-> Bull Trend - Blue line (10) above Red line (20) AND the same time price candle is above the Red line
-> Bear Trend - Red line (20) above Blue line (10) AND the same time price candle is below the Blue line

b) 2nd EMA trend lines for your own preference and conveniences. I use it at 2 hour timeframe, to help me decide for Entry/Exit orders, works great for me.

3) Provided with Singal Alert for Buy Sell Entry & Exit (This is not strategy, please study history and do your own calculation before following the Alert Signals)

There is two choices:
-> Normal Crossover - it simply alert you going from Red to Green or Green to Red candle
-> Strong Crossover with short Tail - This is a better version that checks on the candle size, tail size and body (open-close) size

If you want a complete Strategy, please go over to my script section, I've also published Strategy tool.

Versionshinweise: Bug Fixed: max_bars_back error
Versionshinweise: Bug fixed: Sorry found another bug on the triangle arrow position incorrect, fixed.

NOTE: To be more accurate on real-time (avoid repaint issue), you'll need to set HA -> Timeframe -> Shift to 1
Versionshinweise: Updates:
  • Bug fixes including the mulfunctioning of body size %
  • Great improvements on the Strong signal with short tail, smarter in picking the entry/exit
  • Added option for checking number of intervals before crossover for signals
  • Signal only works for timeframe of 6 hours or below to make sure it gives you the best results

NOTE: The default setting is optimized for BINANCE:DOTUSDT . So any other currencies, please fine tune the size so that the signal picks the best position.
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Oh yes one more thing, in case you want a more accurate signal alert (fixed the repaint issue), then you should set -> HA -> Timeframe -> Shift: 1