Complete MA Division

This indicator simply divides two moving averages and calculates the slope of the resulting curve to show when an asset's momentum is slowing down. The original idea was in a recent youtube video by Ben Cowen . His indicator didn't show the complete history of the moving average, so I wanted to try a little trick to get the moving averages at the beginning of time even when using a large moving average period. I accomplished this by counting the number off current bars using the cum() function. After the count is hit, the period will be constant.
Changing the curve smoothing will smooth the actual curve. Both moving average periods should be divisible by the curve smoothing.
Changing the slope smoothness will dictate when the slope is starting to slow down. Keep this high to break through the noise.
Start of Red = Good time to sell
Start of Green = Good time to buy

There is a weird issue with the smoothness of the line so just keep your moving averages divisible by the curve smoothing. I couldn't figure that issue out yet.

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