Trend Following Breakout

Easy Trend Following Strategy using Highs and Lows breakout of the last X candles to enter and exit trades.

You can easily change the ENTRY and EXIT value in order to find the best settings.

This strategy seems to be working well for $BTC and $ETH on the 4H and 1D.

I didn't play with it too much as I am testing script to trade on the 15 minutes chart with margin. This script can't do this successfully but I hope it can be helpful for what you want to achieve.
Versionshinweise: Added alert messages. You can now get customized Alerts when you should go Long or Short and when to exit your position.

Here's what you have to do:

Create an alert
Select the script as condition
Select Email to SMS option
write: {{strategy.order.alert_message}} inside the message section
Go in your setting to add your email in the EMAIL to SMS section

Once setup, you will receive an email every time you need to be long and short.

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Versionshinweise: Removed Calc_on_order_fills = true

This code was creating a warning of inaccurate results by Tradingview.

The results are the same without it. The strategy does work.
Versionshinweise: A simple update to use 4H instead of 15min. To display better results.

The strategy works great on 3H also. Do some testing, I am sure you will get some good results
Open-source Skript

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This script uses look-ahead bias, while the results look great they're unrealistic to use in real time as we cannot get data that hasn't happened yet in real time. Be careful with this.
+3 Antworten
THE_REAL_BCT smarttraderfdn
@smarttraderfdn, can you clarify which part of the code you see causing the look-ahead bias?
@THE_REAL_BCT, it doesn't I am curious also as why he did say that, this is a basic script that look at previous Highs and Lows, buy and sell on close of candle.. and I used it live for a while without any problem
does it's repainting sir ?
TrendSurfersSignals smartjeeva8526
@smartjeeva8526, No repaint.. sorry for the late reply, didn't see the notification.