Commercial Index-Buschi

This simple script takes a closer look at the Commercial part of the CoT (Commitment of Traders) Data. It shows thier percentual level on given time frames (default: during the last 6 months, 3 years and 5 years).
This relative perspective is often more useful than the absolute contract numbers.
Versionshinweise: - bugfix: fixed the miscalculation when changing the time intervall (e. g. from daily to weekly)
- changed intervals from trading days to trading weeks
Versionshinweise: Added two futures:
Platinum (PL)
Palladium (PA)
Versionshinweise: German translation

Dieses einfache Skript schaut genauer auf die kommerziellen Marktteilnehmer der CoT-Daten (Commitment of Traders). Es zeigt den prozentualen Level über einen zu wählenden Zeitraum (Standardwerte: 6 Monate, 3 Jahre, 5 Jahre).

Deese relative Betrachtung kann häufig interessanter sein als die absoluten Zahlen.
Versionshinweise: English:
Added additional Futures:
Aluminium (AUP)
Steel (HRC)
Ethanol (AEZ)
Brent Crude Oil (J26)
Rice (ZR)
Oat (ZO)
Milk (DL)
Orange Juice (JO)
Lumber (LS)
Feeder Cattle (GF)

weitere Futures hinzugefügt:
Aluminium (AUP)
Stahl (HRC)
Ethanol (AEZ)
Brent Rohöl (J26)
Reis (ZR)
Hafer (ZO)
Milch (DL)
Orangensaft (JO)
Holz (LS)
Mastrinder (GF)
Versionshinweise: English
Added addtional futures:
S&P 500 (SP):
Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (DJIA)
New Zeeland Dollar (N6)

weitere Futures hinzugefügt:
S&P 500 (SP):
Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (DJIA)
Neuseeland Dollar (N6)
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However, I do have a request as a trader of forex and financial futures. The indicator does not work on N6, DX, or SP500. Can you please add these 3 to this indicator?
MagicEins TheEconomyCreator
New Zealand Dollar (N6): definitely possible. I will update the script in a few days.
Dollar Index (DX): I don't think there is CoT data regarding the DX.
S&P 500: already implemented via the mini futures - symbol "ES"
@MagicEins, great thanks looking forward to the update
MagicEins TheEconomyCreator
Update is uploaded.
Indicator not working/loading any info/data!
MagicEins TheEconomyCreator
@TheEconomyCreator, thank you very much for the information. Can you please elaborate which futures are affected? As far as I can tell, everything looks fine.
@MagicEins, My mistake, I was looking at a currency pair (forex) as opposed to a futures chart. My mistake, I feel silly haha. I know there are a couple Commercial Index indicators in the public library where you can have the indicator work on a forex pair and it pulls info from the base. I now know to use yours strictly with futures, and once I did I see it works perfectly. Thanks for an awesome indicator!
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