[AN] Gaussian trendlines

This trend indicator wants to detect possible buy and sell zones.
Versionshinweise: Updated trend lines
Versionshinweise: Added alerts for line crosses

Added a parabolic switch so it can be used for other markets (like FX and commodities - maybe alts too)

Without parabolic

With parabolic

Without parabolic

With parabolic
Versionshinweise: Added more line variants
Versionshinweise: Added H3' line to match other markets/exchanges
Versionshinweise: Small coloring updates + watermark
Versionshinweise: Added forecast
Versionshinweise: Adding back style editing as some lines were invisible on white background
Versionshinweise: Added FX usage
Versionshinweise: Add info pane that contains the current price for each line and the forecast price(s).
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Check my steemit articles (something may be really interesting)

If you want access to one of my private indicators, just send me a message.
Good day man. I am interested in using your indicator, what are your terms of use. cheers
@NetoDav, if you are a vamp member, just tell ChartVamp to send me a DM. Otherwise, just send me a private message here on TradingView
NetoDav alxnegrila
@alxnegrila, Hey, I am not a vamp member, but I would love to try it out. cheers
@NetoDav, just send me a private message
P.S. This is a clone of another paid indicator, I just wanted to make it available for the u1m community.

Its my indicator!
@TusenPix, Indeed, it started as a clone from your indicator and worked with ChartVampire to reverse engineer this as I did not had access to your indicator, but updated it in the meanwhile with more options and it became a variation of the indicator initially developed by you.
Hi there, how can I get access and use it ? regards
@usman999, I've sent u a DM
As I am no longer a member of u1m community, I can't grant access to vamp members anymore
Nice indicator, I would like to use it.
I was just about to build it, but since you already put in the work It would cool to have access to it.
I'm would be willing to follow you on steam-it for access to indicator.
I do subscribe to Vampire Charts, just wanted to keep track of Baby Jesus!

Thanks brother!
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