Future Pivot

Normaly Pivot is calculate from the last candle.
Future Pivot is calculate from the running candle.
The Future Pivot Indicator is usefull at the end of a period (11pm, Sundays, and end of the month)

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Have Fun

Versionshinweise: Label Update cause of new Pine features.
Have Fun.
Versionshinweise: Change Layout same math. Future Pivots are Usfull short time before a Candle is closing, cause u can see (nearly) where next Pivot will come. Future Pivots are calculated with the actoa running Candle, normal Pivots are calculated from the last closed candle.
Have Fun
Versionshinweise: Some small Label changes.
Now you can change Pivot and Label Color.
Versionshinweise: Code clean up
Yearly Future PPivot added ( shown in December printed in January)

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