Remember Rules Label - incl. Text Function with different colors


Each of us makes mistakes and exceptions confirm the rule.

However, if you disregard the rules of trading, you lose your money - without any ifs and buts!

I have therefore created a reminder label for myself, which trading approaches I always want to stick to. These rules serve me as a guideline when I should trade.

Through the permanent reminder I set myself the goal of not trading too early and impatiently. The biggest problem of all traders is overtrading: the constant swaying back and forth between greed and fear. This must always be kept in mind. Because trading is in principle very simple: stick to your own rules. Keep a logbook and for my sake, record every trade as a screenshot in a PowerPoint presentation. Then you can see your mistakes in the past trades and recognize your background, why loss trades have arisen - you can also determine profit trades: As a rule, profits arise when you strictly adhere to your trading rules.

If you compare a company with a trader, then it is generally a similar procedure.

company view
  • a company plans its annual development with budget and forecast.
  • a company compares monthly between actual values and plan values and draws conclusions from the differences.

trader view
  • a trader should handle and plan his trade with all rules.
  • a trader should compare the result after the trade with the planned trade and discuss conclusions from possible differences.

I hope I could help other traders with this.

Kind regards


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