Bollinger Bands 3 to 5 Pull-back Detektor Test version

We use a mix Bollinger and Keltner .
The price always want to stay inside the Bollinger .
A lot of times we have big candels with great pullbacks.
If u are long and the Indicator show a red BB Area there is a god chance for a pullback.

We have rsi label and Rsi extreme label
If the rsi is High or extreme High u see it in the chart an u can look for a divergence that may end the trend.
I want to use it for scalping together with Pivot Point standart. It is not testet. Please use Papertrading first.

A small Video (german)

If u try it plase leave a commend.
Have fun
Versionshinweise: added offset bollinger
it is easier to see good pullback entrys or good points to leave a trade.

This indicator is only for quick and dirty trades. We see a lot of strong Candels in Crypto in some seconds or minutes 3-4-5% Pullbacks follow.
In higer timeframes u can use it to find good exit points
have fun
Versionshinweise: sma dots 50-100-200 daily wekly monthly and actual Timframe added
Versionshinweise: a lot of simple code changes
ris lenth fixed
alert condition added.
Versionshinweise: default options changed
Versionshinweise: inputs cleaned
Versionshinweise: some small code changes
Versionshinweise: Small ma bugfix
Versionshinweise: clean up small changes
Versionshinweise: small code update

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